Albano Franco's words, Governor of the State of Sergipe

Eco tourism in Sergipe
The ecoturist that comes to Sergipe only needs to arrange his backpack, prepare his heart and not forget to put film in the camera.

June Festivals in Sergipe
São João in Sergipe has a little bit of everything, that is why it is considered the richest and most diversified of Brazil.

Sergipe's folklore is rich and diversified. Many groups already extinct in other places of Brazil are still intact in Sergipe.

Great Route
Anyone who thinks that the main tourist attractions of Sergipe are just summarized into beaches, reserves and dunes, is completely wrong.

Historical Cities
São Cristovão, founded in 1590, the fourth oldest in Brazil and Laranjeiras that shelters the Museum of sacred art of sergipe, with about 300 pieces of the colonial period.

Transit Education

D etran, together with the Fundação Renascer, in an agreement with the objective of changing the life of 75 young boys of 14 to 17 years of age. The boys that before disputed cars in the streets of Aracaju, in order to wash and park them and in change to receive a tip, today they are transit educators.

To put this project into practice, the Fundação Renascer has the commitment of doing the recruitment and the youths' selection and Detran, through Nudet, enters with the part of costs. Now, each boy receives R$ 60,00, has life insurance, and receives a complete uniform, transport vouchers and he is still entitled to the basic meals every day, that is supplied by the fundação Renascer. The ex car washers work four hours a day distributing pamphlets in the transit of Aracaju. They still only simulate fines. And a type of yellow sign so that the driver takes conscience of their mistake and avoids repeating the same scene in front of the Traffic police, which would unfortunately, be worth a fine.

Who is mainly responsible for transit orientation education is one of the most important sections of DETRAN. The trainee Driver's that chooses to participate this course will have 20 hours of classes. In agreement with CTB, the course is now obligatory and for so much so this organ is structuring itself for the execution of the new legislation. To obtain the well-aimed drivers license, the candidate needs to pay R$ 45,00 for the three medical exams and R$ 50,00 relative to the license at the rate specified by CNH. The formation course that today already offered, in a smaller category, at the headquarters of the organ, is free.

Detran already began a course for the examiners. To the whole there are 30 vacancies offered to the state public employees. Such initiative to give a better infa-struture in the formation of the drivers training section.

Educational activities such as " return to the Classes ", are constantly developed as part of the education, where the students learn how they could help to educate the transit questioning the own parents' discipline. Another campaign during Pre Caju went to guiding the drivers so that they avoided drinking and driving and reduce their speed.

The driver that infringed the Law is guided to the Service of Formation and Recycling of the Conductive Offender - SEFRE - where competent professionals submit them to a recycle. This recycle, in agreement with the new transit code, is a 16 to 20 hour/classes; as well they will be submitted to a test in which the conductive offender should have obtained at least a measured 7. In case they don't reach that the required minimum they will return to the recycle course. The main cases are driver's intoxication, lending the vehicle to one who doesn't have a valid driver's license and to avoid dangerous maneuvers. As the well-known " street drags ".

The project " Secure Crossings ", is one of the several projects of Detran. The same came to solve an old problem, that is to say, the constant solicitations of educators and schools so that Detran still works more to objectively reduce the numbers of accidents in the school areas.

According to the director-president of Detran, Newton Porto, the main measures: adopted to minimize the problem were: to place signals at the school areas, to organize with safety the students' crossings and to guide the school community through the traffic wardens at the crossings, supplying the same basic knowledge on signals. Circulation of vehicles and movement of pedestrians.

Newton Porto,
Director-President of Detran

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